Cupcake for mumma


I may have softened a little on my anti-Valentine’s stance.

Because: cupcake!


When I picked Love Bug up from kindy yesterday they’d baked cupcakes to share with their parents. And all but 1 of the 25 kids had managed to save the cake the whole day.

Too cute.

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Valentines Plans?

Hey Loves! 

Guess what?  It’s almost Valentines Day! 

I am so excited, this is day is my favorite holiday (if it even is one), some people say that it is not, but i don’t care!  It makes me feel happy, seeing all the people in love 🙂  

But being honest with you guys, I have never had a valentine, so I think that is why I do not find it such a let down.  I mean duh, it would be great to have one but you know always have to keep it positive.  

Most people I know, are always so gloomy and I feel bad….

SO, I was thinking of fun ways to have fun with friends on the lovely pink and red day!  

Girls night out is always a possibility: 

  • go out and see some of the new movies that are out  
  • then go out for dinner, or even better make a hot chocolate run!   
  • go and treat yourselves (i.e spa day/night)  
  • get all dressed up (sometimes it makes us feel better and go to a nice dinner)

Now you are probably saying we have heard these all before, but seriously when I get together with some of my best friends, we always have a great time!  

Girls night in is also such a fun time:  

  • get dressed in your pjs, and comfy clothes  
  • invite all the girls over 
  • get a bunch of sappy movies together 
  • make homemade facials and spa treatments 
  • do each others nails 
  • talk about the latest celeb/girl drama 

Valentines day does not always have to be such a drag. 

Make it a great day with all the people that are around you  

I hope that you guys have a great day and let me know if you do anything!